ProBond 5040 Resin

ProBond 5040 Resin

ProBond 5040 windshield repair resin is a medium-low viscosity 43cps injection resin that is preferred by technicians who like an injection resin that is more viscous for hot weather repairs but still flows well in temperatures that dip down to 40° Fahrenheit (4° Celsius). Available in 15 ml, 250 ml and Liter bottles.

162 666 Ft+VAT (Gross 206 586 Ft)
Bonus point : 1 508 Ft
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250 ML
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  • ProBond 5040 is considered a medium viscosity glass repair resin
  • Nominal viscosity: 43cps
  • Low toxicity
  • Exceptional bonding strength
  • Fast curing
  • Outstanding for most break types
  • Not recommended for ambient temperature below 40° F

Characteristics shared by all Delta Kits injection resins include:

  • Superior flexibility to compensate for expansion, contraction and glass flex
  • Outstanding optical clarity
  • Compatible with all windshield repair systems
  • 15 ml plastic bottle fill resins include a dropper tip as well as glass pipette style dropper
  • Available in a variety of packaging options
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Low acrylic acid content

Available in a variety of packaging options:
30011 15 ml Plastic Bottle with Glass Dropper
Replaces Part Number: 144-40
30018 250 ml Plastic Bottle
30019 Liter Plastic Bottle

From the Archives

Hot Weather and Resin Viscosity


Do I need to use a different type of resin in hot weather to do windshield repairs?


The short answer is no. For optimal windshield repairs, you need a resin with the best formulation of the following attributes: viscosity, elasticity, elongation, shrinkage, shore hardness, lap shear strength, tensile strength, and a refractive index that matches the glass. You also need a resin that’s appropriate for the weather conditions you are working in. Delta Kits’ MagniBond resin meets all the standards previously mentioned, and can be used to complete optimal windshield repairs in all types of weather conditions.

Flowering or Daisy Effect

What can cause delamination, commonly referred to as “flowering” or the “Daisy Effect?” The three factors are heat, pressure and aged glass. With a Delta Kits I-100 low-pressure injection system, you can control the pressure and flow of the resin into the break to help avoid flowering. Other injectors using air to force resin into the break are more likely to cause flowering because of the necessity to use higher pressure. If you use that type of system you may need to use a higher viscosity resin in hot weather. For this reason, Delta Kits offers resins of various viscosities to accommodate all windshield repair technicians. However, if you are using a Delta Kits windshield repair system, MagniBond resin is the only resin you need for all weather conditions and all types of windshield damage.

MagniBond resin has less acrylic acid than other resins, making it safer to work with, yet maintains the exceptional bonding strength and durability Delta Kits users have come to expect. Delta Kits has passed the BSI (British Standards Institute) requirements for repair strength, clarity, and durability, with flying colors.

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