Premium Pit Resin 250 ML

Premium Pit Resin 250 ML

Premium Pit Resin is a medium-high viscosity 2000 cps pit fill resin that is especially well suited for windshield repair in cooler temperatures making it an excellent year-round pit resin in many climates. Premium Pit Resin has been an industry favorite for over 3 decades.

178 666 Ft+VAT (Gross 226 906 Ft)
Bonus point : 1 656 Ft
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Premium Pit Resin

Pit resins are not just thicker versions of fill resins, the chemistry targets a specific purpose. Premium Pit Resin formulations provide a hard, smooth cured surface for maximum resistance to weather, wiper abrasion, chemicals, etc. In addition, the higher viscosity of pit resins help it to stay in place on vertical surfaces while the curing tab is applied.

Overall, injection resins formulations are for maximum elasticity (flex). Basically, as the glass expands and contracts, due to changing temperatures and body flex, the injection resin expands and contracts with it. This is important for all types of damage and essential for star breaks and cracks.

  • Nominal viscosity 1900cps
  • Exceptional bonding strength
  • Excellent durability to withstand wiper wear, car washes and constant exposure to the elements
  • Outstanding optical clarity
  • Fast curing
  • Low acrylic acid content
  • Recommended for ambient temperatures below 100° F
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